Monday, February 16, 2009

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The latest ingredient in this grand mashup experiment I embarked on last week is what I'm calling (for lack of a better term right now) "Twitter Radio". The idea being that a user can either passively, or manually, program a soundtrack as a backchannel to their tweets. This can either be done for you personally - with links to songs you listen to systematically injected into your regular twitter account or into a secondary dedicated "radio" account. Also, collaborative "group stations" can be automagically programmed by the listening behaviors of one or more people and posted to a Twitter account.

For now, I'll probably use a secondary dedicated account (TBD) so I won't overwhelm everyone that follows me @jherskowitz. Once it's more stable maybe I'll integrate them... too bad Twitter doesn't have filters that could better handle this scenario.

To listen to one of these stations first-hand, you just need to do a few things:
  1. Install the "playTwitter" bookmarklet from (
  2. Go to @friendp3
  3. Clock the playTwitter bookmarklet in your browser's link bar (after dragged there in step 1)
That's it... now you can listen to everything that shows up there. There is still plenty more I would like to have it do... but it's a start. And as with all things that I hack together, it will probably break more than once... but I'll try to fix the stuff as I can.

Confused? You could just watch this:

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