Friday, October 26, 2007

Product RockStars (and Freaks) Wanted

Freaks wanted
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MyStrands is looking for talent of all sorts - development, product, marketing - and I have decided it is time shake some of trees out there to see what falls out.

Specifically, I'm looking to build out a team of great product managers and UX talent - focused on building first-class consumer web destinations and habitual online experiences built around digital media/entertainment content.

Ideally in DC area, but will consider other locations. Sound interesting? If you read my blog, I'm guessing it sounds at least somewhat interesting. Not for you, but you've got a friend that would be perfect? Tell them to drop us a line.

Not a product person but a superstar of another flavor? Tell us what you've got!

As you may be able to tell, we have *big* plans over at MyStrands and what you see today is only a small taste of what you are going to get tomorrow (ok, maybe not tomorrow but soon).

By the way, to my LinkedIn contacts that I inadvertently spammed yesterday... my apologies. I was under the impression that it only would show up on your LinkedIn dashboard and not send an email directly to your inbox. Sorry about that.

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Netvalar said...

sounds interesting and yet not for me. Though you mention products on a day where I am thinking about the branding aspect for musicians and so I bring a few pennies of thoughts. Branding is usable with products (Example band T-Shirts) setting these up in a widgetized aspect allowing fans to sell them everywhere in cyberspace. Well I am still working on the thought process beyond that.