Tuesday, September 13, 2005


CoolSmartPhone.com: "But wait - just to add to the excitement comes news of the Samsung i300, pictured right. It's going to be exclusive to o2 and will begins selling in October for around 79.99 Pounds. The 3Gb internal hard drive is capable of storing up to 1000 music files and features scroll-wheel navigation, enabling you to search tracks with ease You can also enjoy 3D sound through its stereo speakers and download music online. "

To go along with my last post.... here is the latest object of my affection. And it is going to sell for only $149?! I'll take three. Granted the iPod Nano is cool looking, but for less money I can get this... supports subscription music services, sports Windows Mobile 5 and WiFi (I believe). Best of all, it limits the number of devices I have to carry down to one. It's the day I've been dreaming of for 10 years.

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