Tuesday, June 28, 2005

MGM Triumphs Over Grokster, Not P2P

MGM Triumphs Over Grokster, Not P2P: "'This is an unwelcome verdict for the industry, and a positive ruling for P2P,' he said. 'It might be viewed as a tactical loss in the short run for Grokster, but it's definitely a strategic victory for P2P in the long run.' "

And goes on to say...

"The court laid out what should be avoided in internal memoranda and advertising," Solum said. "With this information, P2P services and software developers can easily figure out how to immunize themselves from prosecution."

Obviously I'm no legal expert, but to me it sounds like the Supreme Court has in essence just avoided a overarching ruling on the legality of the P2P technical implication and instead are creating a precedent where each service is evaluated individually (based on how they market their services). I beleive this is good news and seems to open the door to the creation of non-infringing services that leverage all the distribution benefits of a peer to peer network.

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